Remi Aiyela creates bespoke wills for clients who expect a high level of expertise when making their wills. For Remi’s clients, it isn’t about how quickly, how simple or how cheap the will is. For them, it is about Remi’s depth of knowledge of making wills and experience of estate planning. Remi has made thousands of wills in her legal career spanning 20 years and she has saved her clients millions of pounds in inheritance tax in that period of time through effective estate planning. That is why Remi’s clients choose her. They want the peace of mind of knowing that their will is being prepared by a specialist wills and estate planning lawyer. A specialist with the expertise to ensure their wills will be effective and tax-efficient and their legacy protected for the next generation.

Remi is a practising solicitor and is fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. She is the author of Amazon bestselling book, Making a Will (get it here). She is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), the global professional association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning. 


Remi’s legal practice and estate planning service include wills, family trusts, lasting powers of attorney, probate and estate administration and inheritance disputes.

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