Probate is the process of applying to the court for someone to be given the legal authority to deal with the assets of the estate. If someone is already appointed in the will as executor then that person has the right to apply for probate. If there is no will or if the person appointed is unable or unwilling to apply then the court will appoint someone who is then called an Administrator. The Grant of Probate is a document which represents the legal authority given by the court to the executor. If there is no executor then the document is called a Grant of Administration. Both types of Grant can be referred to as Grants of Administration.

Executor’s role

The role of an executor or administrator can be a difficult one depending on the complexity of the estate. Sometimes, a seemingly simple estate can have all kinds of difficulties such as where beneficiaries can’t be found or a tenant has to be evicted from a property. The executor/administrator is responsible for gathering all the information about the debts and liabilities of the deceased person. They will deal with sending the appropriate notifications to all those holding the assets of the deceased. They may sometimes have to arrange for the funeral of the deceased, especially where there are no close relatives. They have to submit inheritance tax accounts to HMRC and will have to deal with the income tax of the deceased to ensure it is paid up to the date of death and paid during the administration period. They will have to apply for probate and once probate is granted, collect all the funds in, sell the assets that need to be sold, pay all outstanding liabilities and then distribute the assets to the beneficiaries.

Get professional help

It is no wonder that many executors and family members will seek out professionals who can act for them at this time when they are grieving. But it is important to choose the right professional who will make sure that all the administrative work is done properly. Remi has in-depth experience dealing with estates including where there is property abroad. Remi can act for the estate or for the executors in getting the grant of probate and dealing with the administration of the estate. She will take the burden of dealing with financial institutions, the tax authorities and difficult beneficiaries off your hands.

Your careful application of skills and clarity of thought has been a great consolation and blessing, and indeed you have preserved the value of the estate superbly, which is the right and proper duty of care. It has been most fortunate to have had recourse to such a competent principled and modest professional.

Stuart B.

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