A carefully drafted will is the cornerstone of your Wealth Succession Plan.  Remi can advise you on the best way to tailor your will so that you can leave a lasting legacy. You want to make sure your will includes wealth protection strategies to protect your wealth, protect your beneficiaries and save inheritance tax. 

Reasons to make a will

  • I want to choose who will inherit from my estate instead of letting the government decide for me and everything ends up going to people I don’t know, or even worse, to the Queen;
  • I want to control how much my loved ones will get and when they will get it so they don’t end up squandering their inheritance;
  • I want to decide who will look after my children and reduce the trauma for them when I’m no longer here;
  • I want to make arrangements that will help reduce inheritance tax on my estate so that my loved ones get to keep more money;
  • I want to choose who should manage my estate and take care of distributing it to my beneficiaries, so fights don’t break out among my loved ones;
  • I want to make gifts to my friends and other members of my extended family because I know they won’t get anything if I don’t make special provision for them;

If any of these apply to you then you need to get advice from a specialist who will ensure that your will gets you what you want.

Why choose Remi to make your will?

Remi Aiyela is a solicitor and her practice is fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. She is the author of Amazon bestselling book, Making a Will (get it here). She is a member of STEP, the global professional association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning.  She has made thousands of wills in her legal career spanning over 20 years and she has saved her clients millions of pounds in inheritance tax in that period. She has appeared many times on TV and speaks at events about wills, inheritance tax planning and family inheritance issues. With Remi, you have the peace of mind of knowing your will is being prepared by an expert who will ensure that your will is fit for purpose.

Making a Will book
A comprehensive guide that tells you everything you need to know about making a will.

What Remi’s clients say about her

I have put off making my will for a long time because I thought it would be full of complicated language and it would be a long process. With Remi the process was incredibly easy!

Michelle S.

It’s probably one of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done in my entire life and I have Remi to thank for that. I now can sleep easy at night because I know that should anything happen to me, I know that my children will be looked after. That kind of comfort is something you just can’t put a price on.

Paul S.

Quick and excellent service! Remi helped me and my partner with the entire service, made the process easy to understand and took less than 30 mins to complete. Definitely recommend this to anyone!

Sam M

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Get a will that will stand up in court

Recently, a judge had to interpret a deceased person’s will to decide whether the words “nephews and nieces” in his will meant just his own nephews and nieces or if he had meant to include his wife’s nephews and nieces. That’s why you need a specialist that will ensure your will doesn’t leave your loved ones slugging it out in court. Remi will go through your family tree where necessary to make sure it is clear that those that you mean to provide for are actually included in your will.

With Remi, her ultimate aim is to make sure your will is fit for purpose and will stand up to scrutiny.

Get started

Your will is the single most important part of your succession plan for your estate. Getting it right is absolutely crucial. That’s why Remi starts the process with a strategy session to help her understand what you are trying to achieve, understand the family structure and also understand your estate. Only then will she be able to give you the best possible advice that will help you achieve what you want whilst at the same time making sure your loved ones’ inheritance is not wiped out by inheritance tax. She will even produce a family tree that will help you identify all those you want to provide for to make sure there are no-one is left out inadvertently.

Why don’t you book a FREE 30-minute consultation with Remi Aiyela so that she can understand your own personal situation and what you would like to achieve? By booking your consultation now, you can start taking the first steps towards making your will either on a stand-alone basis or as part of your Wealth Succession Plan.

During your consultation, Remi will share lots of information and tips so you start saving inheritance tax immediately, plus, if you choose the Wealth Succession Plan, you will get an exclusive offer, where you will be given the opportunity to lock in nearly 65% of discounts from her usual fees.

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