Remi Aiyela works with high net worth individuals, families and business owners to create a bespoke Wealth Succession Plan for passing their wealth successfully to future generations.

About the Wealth Succession Plan

A Wealth Succession Plan is a clear strategy for passing your wealth on to your loved ones. To create your Wealth Succession Plan, Remi will review your assets and your family circumstances, before producing a full report that gives you all the strategies you need to protect your wealth and a succession plan to ensure a successful generational transfer of your wealth.

The planning stage: It starts with an audit of the assets in your estate, preparing your family tree to identify those you want to provide for, assessing your potential inheritance tax liability and advice on how to reduce or even eliminate your inheritance tax liability.

The implementation stage: This includes bloodline wills that will secure your wealth, trusts to ringfence the assets, lasting powers of attorney to protect in the event of mental incapacity and a review of your investments by preferred financial advisers that Remi works with.

You end up with complete peace of mind and the knowledge that you have arranged your estate in the best way to protect it and pass it on safely to your loved ones. A Wealth Succession Plan allows you to pass your wealth on using a joined-up plan that ensures you leave a lasting legacy.

The review stage: Remi is happy to work with you and your family to ensure continued steps to protect the family wealth. This will be done by reviewing the family objectives every year to be sure that the strategies in your Wealth Succession Plan continue to align with your long-term wishes. The Wealth Succession Plan can be adapted to suit changing family circumstances such as:

  • the birth of new children
  • divorce or impending divorce
  • sale of the family business
  • graduation from university
  • bankruptcy or financial difficulties
  • losses in family wealth.

It is important to have Remi on board to ensure that the strategies put in place in the Wealth Succession Plan remain fit for purpose.

What is included?

Your Wealth Succession Plan can include some or all of these elements that you need to protect your wealth and leave a lasting legacy.  

  • Wills with bloodline trusts
  • Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Finance
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney for Health and Welfare
  • Wealth Protection Report
  • Family Trust
  • Declaration of Trust for bank accounts for minors
  • Declaration of Trust for jointly owned property
  • Pension Review (by our preferred partner)
  • Investment Review (by our preferred partner)

For business owners:

  • Business inheritance trust provisions in your will
  • Business lasting power of attorney
  • Business protection insurance (by our preferred partner) 
  • Cross option agreements (by our preferred partner)

Your bonus gifts:

  • Free storage of original documents (1st year)
  • Free annual will review (1st year)
  • Free e-copy of Remi’s new book – How to Make a Will (an update to her Amazon bestseller: Making a Will)
  • Free storage for digital assets (1st year)
  • Free Asset Information Form
  • Free Family Tree Template

FREE Strategy Session

You can start creating your Wealth Succession Plan right now. To do that, Remi needs to find out about your own circumstances and what your goals are. That’s why she is giving away a FREE 30-minute consultation for you to get started. Remi will share lots of information and tips during your consultation so you start saving inheritance tax immediately, plus you will get an exclusive offer, where you will be given the opportunity to lock in nearly 65% of discounts from her usual fees.

There’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. So, book your FREE consultation now to get started.