This will plan is suitable for a simple family situation and estates without inheritance tax issues. This plan allows you to make a simple will without any specific gifts and the whole estate goes to one person with one substitute beneficiary or class of beneficiaries such as children (not individually named). You will get an electronic copy of your will and 2 revisions within 7 days. This plan is very restrictive, so you may wish to consider a different will if your situation does not fit into this plan.

Only required if you own assets in that name
Mobile number preferred
This is only relevant if you are engaged.
Write the address if they don't live with you
Write their addresses if they don't live with you.
Remi can only give brief inheritance tax information. If you want a full inheritance tax report, contact Remi for more information and price.
Use this to briefly express your funeral wishes.
Use this to say what your wishes are if you chose other or if you want to include more information about your wishes. If they are very detailed then you should write a separate letter of wishes to your executors.
Must be over 18 years
Only required if you have a child or children under the age of 18
You can have one beneficiary or a class such as "my children" or "my siblings"
If any of your beneficiaries dies before you, will their children (if they have any) inherit instead?
Complete this only if the children of the main beneficiary will not be the replacement beneficiaries
Let us know if there is any other relevant information we should know.