Remi Aiyela works with high net worth individuals, families and business owners to create a bespoke Wealth Succession Plan for passing their wealth successfully to future generations.

How does it work?

To create a bespoke Wealth Succession Plan for you and your family, Remi will review your estate, your assets and your family, before producing a full report that gives you all the strategies you need to protect your wealth and a succession plan to ensure a successful generational transfer of wealth whilst protecting the family wealth from erosion.

And then what happens?

This is the coaching phase. Remi will work with you and your family to implement all the strategies included in your Wealth Succession Plan. Remi also works with wealth managers, financial advisers, tax advisers, solicitors in other practice areas, chartered accountants, investment managers to implement your Wealth Succession Plan. She will oversee the work of all the other advisers so that you are not running from one office to another. She will ensure that all the advice dovetails properly together. It is very much like having your own family office without having to pay for it!

And afterwards?

Remi is happy to work with you or your family to ensure continued steps to ensure that family wealth continues to be protected. This will be done through an annual family objectives review (or more frequently if required) to be sure that the strategies in your Wealth Succession Plan continue to align with your family’s long-term wishes. In addition, new events in the family is a signal for a review of the Wealth Succession Plan. These include:

  • the birth of new children to the family
  • divorce or impending divorce
  • sale of the family business
  • graduation of children from university
  • bankruptcy of a family member
  • losses in the family wealth.

The important thing is to have your Family Wealth Coach on hand to ensure that the protection of the family wealth continues and the strategies that have been put in place remain fit for purpose.

How much does it cost?

Remi’s fees depend on the size of the estate and the issues involved. Her fee is broken into three phases that make it much more affordable:

  1. The Report: Remi’s charges a standard fee to prepare the Wealth Succession Plan. The fee will be between £1,790 and £2,997 depending on whether you are UK resident or domiciled and the assets of the estate. The fee includes the initial consultation, research and final report.
  2. Implementation: the Report will include the details of Remi’s fees for implementing the recommended strategies including supervising the work of other advisers involved in the implementation phase.
  3. Ongoing coaching: the Report will include details of Remi’s fees ongoing coaching, including an annual review as well as ad hoc reviews when the occasion arises.

Get started

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