Giving probate assistance either to the family of the deceased or the executors is one of our most important private client services. This is a time that is normally fraught with anxiety. At the same time, there are a lot of legal formalities to go through. We can act for the estate or for the executors in dealing with the administration of the estate. We always aim to conclude the administration as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our costs are reasonable and we may, in some circumstances, offer a fixed-fee option or element as a cost-effective way of dealing with fairly simple estates. We are also happy to be appointed executors in our clients’ Wills to ensure that the estate is properly administered on death.

Deeds of Variation

It is possible to enter into family arrangements that can reduce inheritance tax even after someone has died.   We use Deeds of Variation or Deeds or Disclaimers to re-arrange the disposition of the estate of a person who has died in order to achieve a better result for inheritance tax or a fairer division of the estate between the parties. This will often reduce or eliminate the inheritance tax liability on the estate. We can only do this up to two years after the death of the person so clients have to contact us very quickly if they would like us to see if a Deed of Family Arrangement will be appropriate for their own circumstances.

Probate Disputes

Although in many cases probate will go through without any problems. However, probate can become contentious for many reasons. If you are concerned about the validity of a Will or the mental capacity of the person who made the Will or if you feel for any reason that you wish to challenge the Will of a person who has died then you should contact us as soon as possible to discuss the issues. Similarly, if you are a beneficiary or an executor and you know that someone wishes to challenge the Will then you need to act quickly. Speed is always crucial with contentious probate and trust matters in order to prevent the assets of the estate or trust being dissipated.

Probate Mediation

We offer a general mediation service for settling both private and commercial disputes. Mediation is a fast-growing method of settling a dispute without going to court by helping the parties to reach a resolution that they can live with. This is also a particularly appropriate way of resolving probate and trust disputes. When conducted properly it often provides a quick, efficient and cost-effective way of bringing an end to family disputes over estates and trust funds. The estate assets are not squandered on legal bills and can instead go to those who benefit from the estate.

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