Lasting Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Every adult person that owns assets should have a Lasting Power of Attorney. This is a document that allows you to nominate someone to manage your affairs if you should become mentally incapable of doing so. The document may be for the purpose of managing your financial affairs or for making decisions on your behalf in respect of your health and welfare.

Court of Protection Matters

If a relative of yours becomes incapable of managing their affairs you may have to apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed a Deputy (formerly called a Receiver) to look after that person’s affairs. We can guide you through that process and make the application on your behalf. In some situations, we are also able to take on the appointment of Deputy ourselves. There are also other matters that might make it necessary to apply to the Court of Protection. If you are concerned about any person who lacks capacity and cannot manage their affairs or make their own decisions then please contact us so that we can let you know what you should do.

Advance Decisions

An Advance Decision, also known as an Advance Directive, is used to express your wishes regarding medical treatment if you are critically ill and unable to communicate your wishes. It is particularly meant for expressing your wishes regarding the refusal of treatment in circumstances where you would wish treatment to be withdrawn. This includes medical conditions such as a persistent vegetative state. If you would prefer not to be kept alive under those circumstances then a Living Will is necessary to let your medical advisers know your wishes. If you have strong feelings about this issue then let us know and we will draw up your Living Will.

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