5 Reasons to Make a Will

1. Gifts to your partner

If you are not married or in a civil partnership then it is absolutely essential that you make a Will as your partner has no automatic entitlement to your estate.

2. Gifts to your spouse

Your spouse or civil partner inherits automatically under the intestacy rules if you don’t make a Will. However, the intestacy rules limit the amount your spouse or civil partner will get if you have children. In those circumstances, making a Will is the only way to decide what they get.

3. Gifts to your children

Although the intestacy rules allow your children to inherit automatically, making a Will allows you to defer the age at which they can inherit so that they are more responsible by the time they get their inheritance.

4. Gifts to charity

Charities rely on gifts from Wills for a significant amount of their funding. Making a Will is the only way you can make a contribution to your favourite charity after you’re gone.

5. Choose who will look after your children

If you have children under 18, making a Will gives you the opportunity to say who should look after them when you’re gone.


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